Upcoming Initiatives

 Initiatives Needing Immediate Action

  • **NEW** social media blitz to counteract the #silentselfie campaign- click here for buzzfeed article that explains this campaign
  • Social media blitz- click here for more info

  • Autscape 
"Autscape is a conference with a difference. Rather than talking to a primarily non-autistic audience about autism, this conference is specifically by and for autistic people. Some of it isn't even about autism at all! Non-autistic people are also welcome, but the environment and content of the event are centred around autistic people’s needs, interests and sensitivities."
Autscape lectures and workshops for 2015
Facebook event listing
Autscape main website, registration and tickets

Ongoing Initiatives

  • Autism Speaks Survey
Click on the link below and fill out the Autism Speaks survey. In order for this to be successful, please DO NOT attack, rather offer constructive advice to A$.
It is a one page survey, limited to 2 questions. 

The first question asked is:

1) " What are you most interested in receiving from Autism Speaks? (Check all that apply) "

The HearUs initiative strongly suggests you click "other" and enter in one of the following  three answers (in your own words of course, and adjusted accordingly if you are allistic rather than autistic)
    1. services and resources geared towards facilitating acceptance as opposed to awareness.
    2. an open dialogue with autistic people
    3. the creation of an publicly disclosed advisory board of autistic individuals and public disclosure of the advisory boards official recommendations

    The second question asked in the survey is:
    2) "How are you most interested in getting involved with Autism Speaks? (Check all that apply)"
    The HearUs initiative suggests you again click "other" and respond with:

     1) "I would like to be a voice for my fellow Autistics within the Autism Speaks organisation" (if you are Autistic) 
    2) "I would like to assist in recruiting Autistics to be voices within the Autism Speaks organisation" (if you are Allistic)

    to go to the survey now, click here

    ** Want to let your friends know about this initiative? Share the facebook event listing **

        • Change.org petition to terminate financial support of Autism Speaks by various Companies 

        "Dear Corporate Partners and Supporters of Autism Speaks:We are a concerned group of people comprised of Autistic people, the families, friends and loved ones of Autistic people, and the professionals that support Autistic people.  We are writing to urge you to reconsider your sponsorship and support of Autism Speaks." 
        click here to read more and to sign petition

        • Change.org petition to have actually autistic actors in autistic character roles on Broadway
        "It would be so huge for an actual autistic to get to represent himself/herself and autism in a Broadway show instead of yet another able-bodied non-disabled person miss-representing autism to the public and creating stigma."
        click here to read more and sign petition

        • Change.org petition to encourage Facebook to allow the use of suffixes and prefixes in names (specifically Âû)

        "The suffix ‘Âû’ is used by autistics, friends, families and supporters of those living with autism within the Autistic Community. It has rapidly become a leading international symbol representing autism advocacy, autism pride and acceptance. Many autistic groups and pages have consequently adopted Âû within their titles.

        A handful of people who take issue with what Âû stands for (recognition of autistic abilities, rights and freedom of expression) have been attacking users of those two letters through exploitation of antiquated and oppressive Facebook rules disallowing such additions."
        click here to read more and sign petition

        Time/Date Specific Initiatives

        Stay tuned!